Workout of the Day

Tuesday, Oct 29th

Build to a heavy:
1 X Power Snatch
1 X Overhead Squat
1 X Snatch Balance

10 min AMRAP
2 x Power Snatch (75/55)
2 x Bar-Facing-Burpee
10 x Double Unders

*After each round add 2 reps
to the snatches and burpees
and 5 reps to the double unders*

26 minute Amrap
2 X DB Snatch (Alternating)
2 X Burpees
10 X DB Russian Twist
10 X Double Unders
*Add 2 reps to DB SNatch and Burpee per round , add 5 Reps to Russian Twists and Double Unders*