At Sopris CrossFit, we invite you to experience the CrossFit regimen in a supportive, communal setting, where proper positioning and form come first. We offer a wide range of classes and our workouts are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability. Elevate your fitness at Sopris CrossFit.

Base Camp is designed as an introduction to CrossFit. This class provides a solid workout and gives the opportunity to learn what to expect moving forward.

Specialized programming allows you to develop and reinforce proper fundamental body mechanics and progress at a pace suitable for your level of fitness. Get to know the facility, trainers and basic movements; and establish a strong foundation to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Tuesday, May 21st

Squat therapy

30-min EMOM
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 air squats

Partner Pet Rock
400-m KB run (sharing KB on run)
75 push-ups
200 mountain climbers
75 goblet squats
200 mountain climbers
75 KB lunges
200 mountain climbers
75 burpees
400 KB run
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