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Tuesday, Aug 20th

Running repeats
3 x 400m
Rest = Work Time

100 DB snatches
8 wallball shots EMOM inc min 0:00


1-mile run
40 DB snatches
40 wallball shots
40 sit-ups

800m run
30 DB snatches
30 wallball shots
30 sit-ups

400m run
20 DB snatches
20 wallball shots
20 sit-ups

200m run
10 DB snatches
10 wallball shots
10 sit-ups

40-min time cap
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About Sopris CrossFit

At Sopris CrossFit, we invite you to experience the CrossFit regimen in a supportive, communal setting, where proper positioning and form come first. We offer a wide range of classes and our workouts are designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability. Elevate your fitness at Sopris CrossFit.

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